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Image by 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič

The Matriarch (2024)  

A Novel 

Grace Jacobs was the epitome of devoted wife, mother, and grandmother. After her death, her family begins unravelling without their loving matriarch at the helm.

The Jacobs family is further tested when the patriarch, Tom Jacobs, finds love again online and is matched with Donna Thorn. He becomes convinced she has been sent to him by God as a reward for his faithfulness and a cure for his loneliness. Tom ignores the red flags that appear from the beginning of their relationship and fails to consider the devastating impact marrying the wrong woman will have on his established family.

Donna, hellbent on controlling every aspect of Tom’s life, devises a secret plan to drive his adult daughters, Katie and Jenna, out of his life permanently. Donna is also bitterly jealous of Grace’s memory and becomes fixated on erasing any evidence of her previous existence.

Tom and Grace’s youngest daughter Jenna, a strong-willed Army wife and mother of three, is determined to keep the only family she has ever known together, despite Donna’s relentless attacks.

When Jenna is diagnosed with breast cancer, the same disease that claimed her mother’s life, she realizes she must fight, not only for her family, but also for her survival. Will she be able to preserve Grace’s legacy of love for future generations or will the family she loves be destroyed permanently?


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